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Supporting the actors of the productive city! Fab City Grand Paris coordinates collective and experimental projects in order to develop the vision of the Fab City across our territory.


The Fab City Hub is a third-place for demonstration, training and research whose mission is to operate the city’s transition to a productive and circular model, relying on infrastructures and communities located in the territory, all by being part of an international network of cities working for the same cause.

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The European Centrinno project, a consortium of actors in the Ile-de-France region supported by the association with Vergers Urbains, Sony CSL, WoMa, Ars Longa & Volumes, seeks to identify the impact of urban agriculture around three major segments : production, transformation and distribution with the aim of transforming urban food logistics and extracting social, economic and environmental value.

Centrinno projectCentrinno project


The European Reflow project, a consortium of actors and actresses in the Ile-de-France region supported by the association with the City of Paris, Ars Longa and Volumes, aims to transform urban metabolisms, to move from a linear strategy to a strategy circular. On the territory, efforts are focused on the wood sector in the field of events and micro-architecture and this is reflected in the implementation of bricks and tools for the co-creation of new circular supply chains.

Reflow projectReflow project


The Fab City Store supports designers, artisans and makers who are building the city of tomorrow, ecological, open and social. Whether they revalue our waste or produce locally, all are rethinking our current production and consumption system towards a sustainable model, combining local manufacturing and global cooperation.

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The community

Fab City Grand Paris is a local network of creators, designers, architects, urban farmers, innovators, Fab Lab, think tank and research office engaged in the rise of the circular and collaborative economy in the Paris area.

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Le Summit

Fab City Grand Paris organised in July 2018 the Fab City Summit, an international gathering of the 28 cities of the fab city network. More than 10 000 experts, professionals and citizens interested in circular economy, urban planning, digital fabrication, new business models, civic engagement and sustainable design and production joined the event.

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